About Us

Hum Homes is a small construction company specialising in kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations. Hum Homes was started by and is run by Tim Hum, who supervises and manages all of Hum Homes' projects. Tim is backed by a strong core team of subcontractors and a wide network of trades to help deliver projects for our clients. Hum Homes started in 2019 and has been steadily growing since.

At Hum Homes we strongly value providing great service to our clients and try to break away from the stereotypical, rough, lazy, unresponsive image of builders.

In addition to great service, we pride ourselves on being flexible in methodology to suit clients' needs without compromising on quality. We try our best to make sure our renovations are in the same condition from year one to year 10.

Our Mission and Guarantee

We love providing great service and seeing happy customers, and try our best to make sure that becomes the case for all of our clients. When you work with Hum Homes, we will make sure you're happy with the work and happy with our process.

We promise that we will always be professional, friendly, easy to reach and easy to speak to. We promise to be ethical, open, and honest and timely. We want our team and yourself as a client feel as if we are all working as part of a team to reach a common goal.